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Our webinars feature an expert in one of our transportation management, fleet maintenance, business intelligence, or support systems in an interactive session. Webinars are your chance to ask questions, learn something new, or discover another product that can help improve your day-to-day operations. Webinars are free to attend for all Trimble customers!



Utilizing eDriver Logs ELD DVIR

January 24th 2022 11:00 am CDT, Duration: 1 hour

eDriver Logs ELD includes a driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR) system inside the hours of service product. We have inserted DVIR in the sign-in and sign-out workflow to assist the driver in reporting (post-trip) and reviewing (pre-trip) defects and inspections based on US 49 CFR 396.11 and 396.13 regulations. The system has been designed to mirror what is expected on the paper versions of DVIR.

In this webinar, we will cover the steps necessary to generate and manage DVIRs completed within the Peoplenet system. The life cycle of the Inspection will start with the driver, move into the PFM for review, and then back to the driver for confirmation.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Driver's View
    • Post-Trip and Pre-Trip Inspections
    • Trailer Inspections
  • Back Office View
    • Reviewing Inspections
    • Inspections Checklist
    • Asset Utilization Report

Who Should Attend

Maintenance Managers, Safety Managers, and Driver Trainers


This session is regarding the ELD DVIR system and not the Forms based eDVIR.





ELD Android Device and Driver Training

January 24th 2022 2:00 pm CDT, Duration: 1 hour

Making sure your drivers are knowledgeable about their in-cab device will lead to less oversight when it comes to managing driver logs. This course will go over a typical day in the life of a driver using their device to manage their hours of service.

In this webinar, we will cover how drivers will start, manage, and end their day using the in-cab device for Android displays. Making sure they get logged in, review their logs, understand a variety of requirements, and are able to log out when complete.

What We'll Cover

  • Logging In
  • Reviewing Logs
  • Transmitting Logs to Safety Officials
  • Logging Out

Who Should Attend

PFM Admin, Safety Manager, Terminal Manager





Introduction to the Trimble Fleet Manager

January 26th 2022 11:00 am CDT, Duration: 1 hour

Starting with the basics this webinar will give you an overview of the new Trimble Fleet Manager website. This session will overview the current features of the updated web portal to help track and monitor your fleet. In the follow-up sessions, we will go more in-depth into these features.

In this webinar, will cover how to access the TFM, profile setup, site navigation, and available resources.

What We'll Cover

  • Logging into the TFM
  • Navigating the TFM
  • Accessing Helpful Resources

Who Should Attend

Open to All





ELD Setup

January 26th 2022 2:00 pm CDT, Duration: 1 hour

When it comes to electronic logs we all have to start somewhere. Before the drivers are able to get logged in and generate log data we need to go through some initial setup items in the PFM.

In this webinar, we will cover the necessary steps to get your PFM ready for drivers to start using the system and generate log data. Covering how to set up your company information and also creating driver profiles.

What We'll Cover

  • ELD User Rights
  • User Preferences/Settings
  • Carrier, Home Terminals, Organization Details
  • Drivers
  • Drivers Groups

Who Should Attend

Safety, Office Admin





Trimble Fleet Manager Fleet Monitoring, Configuration, and Reporting

January 28th 2022 11:00 am CDT, Duration: 1 hour

Expand your Trimble Fleet Manager knowledge as we show you how to utilize the Fleet Map with improved trail options. Set up Tags for vehicle and landmark association for your company. How to run and schedule reports.

In this webinar, we will cover how to view and use the fleet map, set up tags, and access reports.

What We'll Cover

  • Fleet Map
  • Tags
  • Running Reports
  • Scheduling Reports

Who Should Attend

TFM Admin, Managers, Users





Trimble Fleet Manager Asset and Personnel Management

January 28th 2022 2:00 pm CDT, Duration: 1 hour

Expand your Trimble Fleet Manager knowledge as we show you how to provide access to the portal and the new features. Use the Hierarchy Manager to organize your assets and personnel. View and manage your device information in the Asset Management pages.

In this webinar, we will cover how to provide access to your back-office personnel. How to set up your fleet hierarchy. How to view your vehicle, gateway, and display information.

What We'll Cover

  • Inviting Users
  • User Roles
  • Hierarchy Manager
  • Viewing Assets

Who Should Attend

TFM Admin, Managers, Safety Managers